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I will show you step-by-step how to make an iMessage sticker pack and put it in The App Store where you can offer it for free or for sale worldwide. You can follow along as I create the I Love Pizza Sticker Pack that’s available now in The App Store. To get started, all you need is a Mac computer with OS X 10.11.5 or greater. One of the best parts of sticker packs is that they don’t require writing any code to make. Everyone can do it.

Apple introduced sticker packs in iOS 10 allowing anyone to create emoji-like stickers and offer them for sale or for free in The App Store. This young, new sticker economy is quietly booming. Kim Kardashian made a reported $1.7 million from her iOS sticker app.

Companies like AppMoji are partnering with celebrities to publish sticker packs. Independent entrepreneurs like Adam Howell are winning big in The App Store (read about how Adam’s sticker pack made over $20,000 in 10 days).

The Book

This e-book is your step-by-step guide to making an iMessage sticker pack. We start with where to get the software you’ll need to make a sticker pack, and follow through with details on constructing the sticker pack, testing it on your iPhone, and submitting it to Apple for review.

Chapter 1 - Intro
Chapter 2 - Setup
Chapter 3 - Creating Your First Sticker Pack
Chapter 4 - Stickers and Sticker Packs In Depth
Chapter 5 - Animated Stickers
Chapter 6 - Testing Sticker Packs
Chapter 7 - Preparing For The App Store
Chapter 8 - Submitting Your Sticker Pack to The App Store
Chapter 9 - Updating Your Sticker Pack
Chapter 10 - Where to go from here

Book + Screencasts

Video is more powerful than words. Watch over my shoulder as I show you the entire process of putting together the I Love Pizza Sticker Pack and submitting it to The App Store on my screen. From where to get the software we need to uploading to The App Store, you’ll get started faster and won’t miss a single detail.

Over a thousand students have watched these videos on Udemy where the course sells for $45 and is rated 4.7/5 stars. Get the videos here in addition to the companion e-book for only $29:

Video 1 - Intro
Video 2 - Free Tools
Video 3 - Making a Basic Sticker Pack
Video 4 - Animated Stickers And More
Video 5 - Submitting to The App Store
Video 6 - Bonus: Tips for Standing Out in The App Store

Book + Screencasts and Templates

Creating advanced sticker packs requires learning how to code…unless you get our easy to use, customizable templates. These sticker pack templates allow you to create more compelling sticker packs that can include promo images, links to other sticker packs or products on iTunes, and allow users to subscribe to a MailChimp mailing list.

These sticker pack templates normally cost $39 EACH on Code Canyon where they don't include the screencasts or e-book. Save money and unleash more powerful sticker packs with this complete bundle that includes the e-book and screencasts as well as:

  • One promo image sticker pack template that allows you to create sticker packs with a promo image to promote anything and can optionally link to other sticker packs or products on the iTunes Store. See the Marker Sticker Pack on The App Store to see this template in action.

  • One MailChimp sign-up sticker pack template that you can configure to allow you sticker pack users to subscribe to your MailChimp mailing list. Check out Darwin The Fox on The App Store to see a sticker pack made with this template.

Hi I’m Robert.

I’ve been making iOS apps and teaching others about them since 2009. I developed and taught one of the first beginning iOS Development online courses on Udemy which amassed over 80,000 students and earned a 4.5/5 star rating. Now I’m really excited to share my knowledge about sticker packs and the opportunities they afford as a fun and easy platform to create with. I can’t wait to see what people like you make after taking this course.

Robert Strojan

Great tutor! Informative, straightforward and makes mistakes intentionally so that we can avoid or even know how to fix them if we ever run into them. Top Notch!

Jason Smith

I learned plenty from this short course. Looking forward to your other course... Thank you again for this! Highly recommended.

Annabelle Ramos

Perfect...all I needed to get started. Thank you!

Reggie Dupree

Brilliant - super clear and easy to follow! Excited to make some sticker packs! Thank you!!

Susie Maguire

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use the templates?

You’re free to use these templates to release your own sticker packs or sticker packs for your clients. You can’t sell the templates or offer them for free online as templates.

If I buy the videos, can I download them?

Yes! We’ll send you a link to download all the videos in mp4 format which can be played in quicktime on the Mac or in the Videos app on iOS.

What format is the book in?

The book is a DRM-free pdf file easily viewable on your computer or iOS using a built-in app like Preview or iBooks.

Can I make a sticker pack on Windows?

No. Unfortunately, the software required to make a sticker pack only runs on a Mac running OS X 10.11.5 or greater.

What are the pre-requisites for understanding the materials?

You don't need to have any coding experience. All you need is a Mac with OSX 10.11.5 or better to follow along. If you want to put your sticker pack in The App Store, you'll need to purchase a paid Apple Developer membership from Apple which costs $99 per year. Photoshop skills and graphic design skills are beyond the scope of the course. We'll provide image files you can use to follow along. If you want to create your own sticker pack, you should have some way of acquiring images to use for stickers.

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